• How to Make Fundraising Delicious

    If you’re planning a fundraising event, you should plan on holding it at a local pizzeria. Pizza is a universally loved meal, and children and adults visit pizza places far more often than other types of restaurants, meani Pizza Place near San Jose ng your organization will raise much more money. Your fundraising efforts will be more fun and much less stressful if you host your fundraising night at a gourmet, deep-dish pizza place near San Jose .

    Your guests will get to enjoy delicious Chicago-style pizza, and your organization will receive 25% of the proceeds earned that night. You’ll have the opportunity to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to participate and donate in your fundraising night. You can also educate the pizzeria’s regular customers about your charity or organization, thus increasing your donor base and performing valuable community outreach.

    When searching for the best pizza place near you, make sure you choose one that has experience hosting fundraising nights, will offer at least 25% of the proceeds to your charity, and has a varied menu that accommodates dietary restrictions. Find a pizzeria that offers gluten-free pizza, vegetarian pizza, and vegan pizza to increase its appeal to your guests.

  • Tips for Hosting a Successful Fundraising Event

    If you want to host a successful fundraiser, you have to make sure a lot of details come together to create a fun event that inspires people to donate money. You have to pay attention to every aspect from the catering to the event venue. Use this guide to plan a successful fundraising event: Tips for Hosting a Successful Fundraising Event Palo Alto

    Decide on Your Goals
    The only way to host a successful fundraiser is to determine a specific goal for the event. When you can figure out the exact purpose of your event, it helps you focus all of the details toward this particular goal. Even if your organization caters to many different areas, you should choose one specific focus for your fundraiser.

    Determine a Budget
    Budgetary restrictions might have a huge impact on the kind of fundraising event that you should have. Before you start to make any actual plans, you should figure out your budget so you know exactly how much you can spend. You do not have to rent out an extravagant hall to throw a successful fundraiser. If your budget is tight, you can find a local pizza place that will host your event for an affordable price.

    Find the Right Location
    The location you choose for your fundraiser must have enough space to encompass you and all of your guests. You should also try to find a location that will donate a portion of the evening’s proceeds directly toward your organization. On top of the money that you raise from your guests, these extra funds can help you earn what you need for your organization. Even holding a pizza party in Palo Alto can help you inspire your guests to donate money toward your cause.

    Enlist Some Help
    Even the most organized planners have difficulty putting together an entire fundraising event alone. When you start to plan, you should enlist a group of helpers. This way, you have people that can help you book the pizza place, set up before the event, and spread the word so you get a good turnout.