• Great First Date Ideas

    A great first date gives both people a chance to get to know each other while sharing a unique experience. When you’re planning a first date, you want to either choose an activity you already know that you’ll both enjoy, or think about trying something new together. You can sign yourselves up for a cooking lesson, visit your local zoo, or just go out for a casual meal at your local pizzeria near San Jose . If you’re tired of meeting dates for coffee or cocktails, try out some of these exciting first date ideas.

    Plan a Pizza Party

    Sharing a pizza is a great equalizer, as many people consider pizza to be among their favorite foods. Taking your date to a great pizzeria in your neighborhood is a fun, casual way to get to know each other while enjoying a delicious, Chicago-style pizza. You can also plan a cute pizza party at home, and make a homemade pizza, or order pizza delivery from a few different local pizza places to determine which one is the best.

    Take a Cooking Class

    If you and your date regularly order food online, a cooking class can be surprisingly fun, especially if you both have a sense of humor. You’ll bond over learning something new, and even if your recipes are disastrous, you’ll still Pizzeria near San Jose have a great story to tell. Turn the class into a lighthearted contest by declaring that if one of you turns out to be a much better cook than the other, then he or she has to cook dinner for the other on your second date.

    Visit the Zoo

    When you’ve lived in a city for a long time, you often stop checking out the local spots that make your city special. The zoo is a great place for a first date if neither of you have visited it recently. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for conversation while you walk around looking at cute, interesting animals. You can also turn it into a lunch date and grab some slices of pizza or a sandwich at the zoo café.