Why Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Is the Best Pizza

While the majority of people love pizza, it often inspires heated debates among family, friends, and even strangers. At some point in your life, you’ve probably found yourself defending your position about which local pizzeria is the best, or what pizza toppings are the most delicious. The ultimate debate, however, has always been whether thin-crust New York-style pizza or deep-dish Chicago-style pizza is the perfect delivery food in San Jose . Here are some facts you can use for your next pizza debate.

There’s More to Love

Chicago Pizza San Jose You can tell just by the name – Chicago deep-dish pizza – that you’re going to get a significant meal. With a much thicker and deeper crust than New York-style pizza, just one slice can often fill you up. This makes Chicago pizza the best choice the next time you order food online for a group of friends from your local pizza delivery place. You can order less food to feed more people, thus saving yourself money.

Making Homemade Pizza is More Fun When It’s Deep-Dish

If you don’t usually order delivery food, you can still enjoy deep-dish pizza at home by hosting a homemade pizza party. Making a homemade Chicago-style pizza is a fun, unique pizza party idea, as most people have never attempted it. Invite guests to bring their favorite pizza toppings, and provide gluten-free crust for those with dietary restrictions.

Even the Deep-Dish Pizza’s Flaws are Positive

Some people complain that deep-dish pizza crust is too thick, or that there’s too much sauce, or that it’s messy to eat. We eat most meals with a fork, so keeping your hands clean while eating a delicious Chicago pizza isn’t necessarily a negative thing. If you like pizza, you probably also love pizza toppings, cheese and sauce. Deep-dish pizza affords you much more space for all of these ingredients. As mentioned previously, the deep-dish pizza’s thick crust makes it a hearty meal, and you’ll save money by not needing to eat as many slices to fill yourself up.