Why You Need to Take a Lunch Break Today

What many people do not know is that your midday deep-dish pizza may actually benefit your productivity, and a lunch break in general will help you focus and retain new memories. Read on if you would like to learn about the reasons you need to take a lunch break today.

Enhanced Productivity

Regardless of the type of diet you are on, you should not skip your lunch entirely. Your body can make use of the glucose you get from your midday meal to keep your productivity consistent throughout the rest of the day. Omega-3 fatty acids can help your brain develop and function, and it can even improve your memory and reduce your risk for health complications like dementia and stroke in the future. Omega-3 acids can be found in various different kinds of fish, so seafood for lunch may not be a bad idea. It is also wise to snack on seeds, nuts, and chocolate for their antioxidants, vitamins, and caffeine.

Less Multitasking

Eating lunch at your desk may seem like a necessary compromise and an efficient way to use your time; many people feel like they are wasting time if they are not doing anything while they are eating. Give your brain a rest by removing the distractions. Head to your local pizzeria and have your favorite kind of slice. Do not bring your work with you, and do not let yourself be distracted by nagging thoughts. This type of mindfulness Pizza lunch San Jose can help your blood pressure and sleep quality as well as limit your stress.

Improved Consolidation

If you have the time during your lunch break, consider taking a nap. Sleeping helps you to consolidate information you have recently learned, which is one reason why studying for an exam over a long time period is more effective than cramming. As you consolidate what you have recently learned, you free up space for new information.