Facts About Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Few types of pizza are as unique and iconic as Chicago-style pizza. If you’ve never tasted it before, you can try Chicago pizza near San Jose at Pizz’a Chicago . The Windy City’s most famous dish is different than most other types of pizza that you’ll find around the world. Read on to learn a few facts about this unique regional food.

It’s a Relatively Recent Invention

Though Chicago was founded in 1833, Chicago pizza wasn’t served in the city until more than a century later. Pizzeria Uno, which opened in 1943, was the first restaurant to ever serve this dish. The heirs of the restaurant’s founder Ike Sewell and its chef Rudy Malnati have disputed which of the two men actually invented the deep dish pizza, but both agree that it was first served at Uno’s. In the seven decades that have passed, many more pizzerias serving deep dish have opened in Chicago and all around the country.

It’s Layered Differently Than Other Pizzas

Thin crust pizzas are usually layered in the following way: crust, sauce, cheese, toppings. But the unique structure of a deep-dish pizza requires a different layering scheme. The thickness of the crust and the depth of the topping layer require much longer baking times than other pizzas, so to prevent the cheese from burning it is laid down first. Then the toppings are added, and finally a layer of tomato sauce on the very top. This construction ensures that the other ingredients don’t charring before the crust is perfectly cooked.

It’s Available in Gluten-Free and Healthy Versions

Chicago-style pizza has kept up with changing needs and preferences of modern diners. Gluten-free crust is available so that people who choose not to eat gluten or those who suffer from celiac disease or other gluten Chicago Pizza San Jose sensitivities can enjoy deep dish pizza. In California, pizzerias make deep dish with local vegetables to offer diners fresh, healthy toppings. A customized Chicago-style pizza with all your favorite toppings is the perfect delivery or takeout food for the whole family.