A Simple Guide to Planning Your Catered Event

When you are planning a luncheon, a dinner, or any other type of event where you will be serving food to your guests, you need to find a good caterer serving San Jose . To simplify all the logistics and to make everything easier, you can convert your event into a pizza party. Pizza catering will significantly streamline the process of hosting a party. Use the guide below to plan any catered event.

Ask Guests for Dietary Restrictions

Religious restrictions, lifestyle preferences, and food allergies may restrict the foods that your guests can eat. For any event where you will be serving a substantial meal, ask guests to indicate their dietary restrictions with their RSVPs so that you have time to adjust your catering accordingly. When you order pizza, this is rather easy. You can adjust the pizza toppings to avoid certain types of meat or veggies, and you can even order gluten-free crust. Make sure to ask the pizzeria to label everything clearly.

Arrange for Food Pickup or Delivery

If you plan on serving food at the very beginning of your event, you might be able to pick up your pizza order yourself, especially if your group is small. However, if you want food to arrive in the middle of an event, or if you are ordering several dozen pizzas, you’ll probably want to arrange for delivery for maximum convenience and time- Pizza Catering San Jose saving. Pizzerias are used to sending drivers out with orders, which is another reason why pizza makes such a great option for catered events.

Provide Utensils and Beverages

Deep-dish pizza is thicker and heartier than other styles of pizza, and most people find that it’s easiest to eat with a knife and fork. Make sure you provide these for your guests. You can use disposable plastic utensils for maximum convenience. Also, don’t forget beverages to go with your pizza. Ask the pizzeria about providing sodas, and for more adult choices you can get cases of your favorite beer, or even bottles of wine—both go great with Chicago-style pizza!