Tips for Throwing the Perfect Pizza Party

Whether you are hosting a kid’s birthday celebration, a graduation party, or an informal summer get-together with friends, you can’t go wrong with a pizza party in Palo Alto . With pizza catering, it’s easy to build pies that every guest will love, and since pizza is easy to serve, you won’t have much mess to clean up afterwards. This is especially convenient if you host the pizza party in your own home. The tips below will help you throw the perfect party featuring Chicago-style pizza.

Ask Guests for Topping Preferences

Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in America, but not every guest will enjoy it. To ensure that you have selections that all your guests will love, send out a quick email to ask everyone you’ve invited about their preferred pizza toppings. Also, leave space for them to indicate any food allergies or sensitivities—you can order vegetarian or gluten-free pizzas, but you’ll need to know ahead of time.

Provide Proper Seating and Utensils

Deep-dish pizza is not meant to be eaten with your hands. The unique crust and thick layer of toppings require a knife and fork. Make sure that you have enough plates, knives, and forks for each of your guests, and even a few extra. Also, make sure that everyone has a seat with a table nearby, so they can easily cut their pizza. Everyone doesn’t have to be in the same place in the house, but every seat should be comfortable.

Pizza Party Palo Alto Select Appetizers, Sides, and Desserts

Although one slice of deep-dish pizza can be a hearty meal, complete with veggies and nutrients, you should still have a few appetizers and sides available to your guests. Garlic bread and buffalo wings are pizza party staples that pair perfectly with any pie you choose. For a side salad, you can order a huge communal portion of Caesar salad, spinach salad, or the pizzeria’s house salad and guests can serve themselves. For dessert, cheesecake or cookies are both great finishes to a hearty, delicious pizza meal.