How to Plan an End-of-Season Banquet

With the school year and the sports season drawing to a close soon, it’s time to start planning your end-of-season banquet. One of the first things you’ll need to do, after securing a venue, is to find a caterer serving Palo Alto who can provide a variety of delicious food that will accommodate all guests and their dietary preferences and restrictions. Pizza is a great option, since it is easy to serve and sure to please. Use the tips below to help plan your banquet.

Select Your Venue

The choice of venue will depend on the size of your group. Count the number of athletes on your team, and determine how many guests you will allow them to bring to the banquet. This will determine your maximum attendance size. If you start planning early, you might get your RSVPs back before you have to select a space. Whether you want to holding the banquet in someone’s home or at a local pizzeria, you need to plan it early to secure the venue.

Note Guests’ Dietary Preferences and Restrictions

To make sure that everyone can enjoy the catering, you need to collect information on their dietary preferences. This will be easier if you provide a place for them to note dietary restrictions on their RSVP cards, or on an online form if you are using one. This will allow you to order gluten-free pizza dough, vegetarian pies that omit meat Pizza Catering Palo Alto toppings, and other delicious pizzas to satisfy your athletes and their families. Ask the caterer to label each pizza, especially the gluten-free ones, because gluten free pizza dough looks the same as regular pizza dough.

Order Starters and Sides

Although one slice of pizza can contain all the essential food groups—grain, fruit, veggies, dairy, protein—you should still serve other dishes at your end-of-season banquet. Classic pizzeria appetizers such as calamari and stuffed mushrooms are always crowd pleasers, and many diners enjoy a salad with their pizza. And don’t forget to reward the athletes with a delicious dessert!