Spotlight on Chicago Pizza

Whether you’re from the east coast, Midwest, or west coast, chances are you’ve heard about the debate over New York versus Chicago-style pizza. Both types of pizza have their fans, but it’s only fair to try both before you decide which you like best. Make sure you get Chicago pizza from an authentic pizzeria in Palo Alto so you can make an informed decision. Watch this video for a look at Chicago pizza as it makes its way to New York.

There are some proponents of New York pizza who dismiss Chicago pizza outright—but chances are these people have never even sampled Chicago pizza for themselves. Chicago pizza is known for having a thick crust, cooked in a deep-dish pan that makes it chewy and delicious. New York pizza tends to have a thin crust, and you won’t get as much cheese or as many toppings as you do on a Chicago pizza. You might need a knife and fork to tackle a Chicago pizza, but that doesn’t make it any less of a pizza. No matter how you eat it, you’ll find it to be tasty and satisfying.