Ways to Start Your Pizza Meal Off Right

Ways to Start Your Pizza Meal Off Right Palo Alto There are few things more satisfying than a perfectly crafted pizza served fresh from the oven , but warming up your palate with stuffed mushrooms or pesto cheese bread is never a bad idea. When you dine out for pizza, there are many delectable choices to step up your meal and add a little gourmet flair for the table.

Buffalo wings are a classic appetizer before pizza, but those who think outside the box might go for fried calamari or garlic fries instead. If you’re looking to make the meal a little healthier, a fresh, green salad can offer some low-calorie nutrition to help you limit yourself to just one or two slices of pizza. For a salad the whole table can enjoy, an antipasto plate is sure to satisfy with the authentic tastes of Italy in imported meats, marinated veggies, and cheese served over greens.

No matter which delectable starters you choose, make sure to save room for the star of the show—the pizza!