How to Choose a Great Caterer

Hiring a caterer can make event planning much less stressful and ensure that your event is a success, but you may need to do a little bit of legwork to find the right fit with a catering service for your party. As you begin to browse catering services in Palo Alto , be sure to follow these steps in your catering service selection. How to Choose a Great Caterer Palo Alto

Ask about setup and cleanup
Not all caterers will offer setup and cleanup, so you will want to make sure that your caterer offers a full-service experience. You should also ask about the types of service available—table service, buffet-style settings, or something in between. This will let you know exactly what you can expect from your caterer so that you know what you still need to take care of on the day of the event.

Explore options for special dietary needs
Even with choices like pizza, you may have some specific requests to make sure that guests with allergies or other dietary restrictions have something to eat. Ask your guests about their needs for gluten-free, vegetarian, or dairy-free options so that you can bring these to your caterer and plan a delicious menu that everyone can enjoy. A great caterer will be happy to take specific requests to meet the dietary needs of your guests.

Discuss your event in person
Meeting a caterer in person rather than over the phone will give you a better idea of their customer service and presentation. Plus, you may be able to try samples of food before you book the event so that you can plan out a great menu.

The key to hosting a catered event that everyone will remember is planning early and providing your caterer with detailed specifications to make sure everything is perfect. The right caterer will help you determine how much food you need and provide a terrific experience from start to finish.