• Anthony Bourdain Tries Deep Dish Pizza

    As a New Yorker, Anthony Bourdain has an inherent aversion to Chicago-style pizza. But in this video, he puts his prejudice aside to give the deep-dish pie another chance.

    He quickly learns that the beauty of this kind of pizza starts in the crust. As soon as he takes a bite, he realizes exactly what he has been missing out on for all of these years.

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  • A Brief History of Deep Dish Pizza

    Pizza Chicago

    There is no style of pizza that offers the same kind of taste explosion as authentic Chicago-style deep dish. The next time you take a big bite of this flavorful pizza, think about where it came from and how it became what it is today:

    The Legend Behind the Dish

    Unfortunately, there is not a lot of written evidence about the true beginnings of this culinary creation, but there are plenty of legends that surround its origins. Even the city’s most notable historians have only been able to piece together guesses about who really invented this style of pizza.

    Ric and Ike

    There is enough evidence to prove that Richard Novaretti, who went by Ric Riccardo, and Ike Dewell were the first to open a restaurant specializing in deep-dish pizza . Sewell originally suggested that the pair open a Mexican restaurant, but Riccardo got very sick after trying out some sample menu items. He decided to compromise with Sewell by suggesting that they instead open a pizza place. Sewell thought they should maximize the ingredients to create a bigger, better pizza than anyone in the area had sold before.

    The Pizzeria of Deep Dish

    In 1943, The Pizzeria officially opened its doors, but quickly changed its name to Pizzeria Ricardo. By 1955, the restaurant became Pizzeria Uno, and this name is still in use today. Riccardo and Sewell opened up another restaurant called Pizzeria Due shortly after. Whether or not these two invented the deep-dish style pizza or just marketed it better than anyone else, they are an integral aspect of how it became a popular dish in Chicago and beyond.

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