• 4 Reasons To Ditch The Chain Pizza Shops And Indulge In A Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

    Chicago is known for a number of food specialties, but at the top of the list is their deep dish pizza . Unlike the traditional pies most Americans are used to, Chicago deep dish is so big that it requires the use of a fork, and the toppings are added in reverse order so the sauce is on top. Next time you are craving pizza, forget about thin crust and go for a Chicago-style deep dish.

    1. More bang for your buck: Eating more than one slice of Chicago deep dish is a challenge, and you can pile the toppings onto its thick crust. This hearty pizza is guaranteed to fill up the whole family.
    2. An exciting mix of flavor and texture: The crust of Chicago-style pizza combines a crunchy exterior with a warm, doughy interior to provide the perfect bed for mounds of cheese, meats, veggies and sauce.
    3. Something new: Stop ordering the same old fast-food pizza. Cardboard crusts and meager toppings get boring fast. Skip the delivery and order a pizza that really delivers.
    4. Blazing heat: Because Chicago deep dish pizzas are built like casseroles, they lose heat much slower than regular pizza pies. That means more time to relax and enjoy good company instead of rushing to finish the pizza before it gets cold.

    For the best Chicago-style deep dish in the San Francisco bay area, try Pizza Chicago . We have two locations open 7 days a week serving up high quality ingredients baked fresh to order. To order from us tonight, call (408) 329-7681 or visit our website.

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