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  • Chicago Style Deep-Dish Pizza vs. Everything Else

    Chicago style deep-dish pizza was invented back in 1943. Since then, no other kind of pizza has come close to capturing the gastronomic following that this legendary pie enjoys.

    A Little History

    Possibly invented by pre-Greek civilizations , flatbreads were heated on stones and seasoned with cheeses, spices, herbs, and even some fruits. In the 16th century, tomatoes were brought to the Old World and the first simple pizza was made in Naples.

    Pizzaioli, Neapolitan pizza makers, immigrated to the U.S. in the beginning of the 20th century, and brought their skills along with them. Since then, the pizza recipe was passed down, modified, and eventually variety known as deep dish pizza stood apart from the rest.

    The Secret is in The Crust

    Actually, the secret is in the pan. The dough is heavy and thick, pressed into the bottom and up the sides of the traditional “deep dish” pizza pan. The sides of the pan are oiled, which creates a fried effect on the edges of the dough.

    The dough is partially baked and then rapidly cooled, which gives it the trademark spongy texture. Deep-dish pizza is made backwards : first the cheese is laid out over the mostly-cooked crust, and then the toppings of meat and sausage are covered by a lot of rich sauce.

    Chicago style pizza has come a long way since 1943, and today you can enjoy some delicious variations or stick to the true classic deep dish pizza. Either way, you’ll see why no other pizza can come close.

    October is National Pizza Month. Don’t wait that long to try authentic Chicago style pizza. For the best pizza in California, call Pizza Chicago of San Jose and Palo Alto at (408) 329-7681. We offer pizza delivery, take-out, and a roomy, comfortable restaurant to relax in. Check out our website for our online menus .

    Deep Dish Family Style Chicago Pizza

  • Break from the Norm: 5 Delicious Pizza Toppings to Try Before You’re Dead

    The average American lifespan is about 80 years. That’s about 29,000 days, give or take a few. You really only live once, but you can have pizza on any one of those days, so you have no excuse for not trying out some of the more “out there” pizza toppings.

    The best pizza is Chicago-style pizza. How do you take the best and make it even better? Throw these toppings on and get ready for an incredible experience.

    1.      Artichoke Hearts:

    If you haven’t had artichoke hearts smothered in tasty cheese on top of your pizza, you’re seriously missing out. Romans and Greeks considered the artichoke to be an aphrodisiac. We’ll let you decide—but they sure taste good.

    2.      Broccoli:

    “Eat your vegetables!” No, seriously. Throw some broccoli on top of a deep-dish pizza. It’s the best-tasting way to get those veggies down the hatch.

    3.      Dried Apricot:

    This has to be tasted to be believed. It might sound strange, but if you’ve had pineapple on top of your pizza before, this won’t be that much of a stretch. The contrast between the sweet apricots and the tangy sauce is sublime.

    4.      Linguiça:

    A kind of Portuguese sausage, this topping is a must for any meat-lover. Hearty and uniquely flavored with red chili and other distinctive tastes, make sure you’ve got some soda on hand to wash this down—or just sit back, and enjoy the burn.

    5.       Shiitake Mushrooms:

    There are all kinds of mushrooms to put on your pizza, but shiitake mushrooms are also ridiculously awesome for your health.

    If you’ve got most of your days left to live, good for you—go get some Chicago-style deep dish at Pizza Chicago in San Jose and Palo Alto . Visit our website to see all the toppings we offer, give us a call to order, and we’ll keep our epic pizzas warm for you.

    Vegetable Pizza

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  • Pizza Toppings

    Recently, more and more pizzerias have been creating unique and innovative creations using some less-traditional toppings. Nearly any ingredient can be placed on a pizza, as you’ll see in this video that explores some different topping choices.

    Toppings are typically meats, herbs, cheeses, and vegetables—but there are plenty of exceptions! Some of the most popular meat toppings include pepperoni and sausage, but other choices like prosciutto and chicken are also quite popular. Herbs like oregano, basil, rosemary, and parsley can all be used to add more flavors. Ricotta, parmesan, gorgonzola, and the classic mozzarella are popular cheese choices. Zucchinis, onions, and peppers are popular vegetable toppings.

    For the most diverse topping choice in California, come take a look at the delicious Chicago style pizzas here at Pizza Chicago-San Jose & Palo Alto .