What Makes Chicago Style Pizza so Great?

Pizza is one of the most popular and commonly eaten foods throughout the country. It is estimated that Americans consume about 100 acres worth of pizza every single day! This classic combination of dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings is great for nights at home with the family, celebrations after sporting events and hanging out with friends. In other words, pizza is a perfect meal choice for nearly any occasion.


Creating your perfect pizza means making your way through a nearly endless list of options. Toppings come in a wide variety, ranging from the more common choices of pepperoni and mushrooms to the more unique choices of artichoke hearts and shrimp. But toppings aren’t the only choices you’ll have to make, you also have to choose the style of pizza you want. For many pizza-fans, Chicago style pizza is the only choice for a number of reasons. Here is a short list of three.


  • Delicious deep-dish style. While many pizzas come with a thin and flimsy crust, Chicago style pizzas are designed to have between 2 and 3 inches of height in their crust. This makes the pizza much heavier and heartier.


  • More toppings. Thin-crust pizzas tend to be a bit light on the toppings, but Chicago style pizzas lay it on thick. You can expect plenty of delicious tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, meats, and other toppings you love.


  • Better design. Other pizzas layer the dough with sauce and then cheese and toppings. Chicago style pizzas layer the dough with cheese and toppings, and then add the sauce on the very top. Many pizza lovers prefer this style because it lets the cheese and toppings blend more with the dough.


When it comes to Chicago style pizza, eating is believing. At Pizza Chicago-San Jose & Palo Alto , we serve some of the best Chicago style pizza in all of California. We have delicious specialty pizzas, as well as the classics.