5 Weird Pizza Toppings from Around the World

When you’re hanging out with family and friends and everyone starts getting a rumble in their stomach, pizza is always the first choice. Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone loves the same toppings. By the time you can all come to a consensus on what type of pizza to get, you could’ve already been eating one! With so many great toppings to choose from, it’s easy to see why people have such different tastes. Some prefer the traditional taste of pepperoni, while others like the sweetness of pineapple. Some like the crunch of an onion, while others prefer a classic cheese pizza.


Those are all pretty common toppings. But pizza is eaten all over the world—and that means toppings are found all over the world. These 5 weird pizza toppings are worth a look:

1.   Eel . While many Americans enjoy different types of red meat on their pizzas, people in Japan like to chow down on one of their favorite pizza toppings: eel.


2.  Shrimp . This is another popular aquatic ingredient to use as a pizza topping. Shrimp is a favorite of many people in Australia.


3.  Fried eggs . A lot of countries, including France and Brazil, have seen popularity with egg-topped pizza. The egg is served sunny-side up, either cooked and placed on the pizza or cooked right on top!


4 . Tuna . Pizza fans in countries such as Germany, Russia, and Japan all enjoy tuna on top of their pizzas. It seems that seafood makes a great addition to the classic pizza pie.


5.   Coconut . You may have tried pineapple on your pizza, but in Costa Rica they spice it up with a different fruit. Coconut is a beloved pizza topping for the Costa Rican people.


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