PSA Tipping the Pizza Driver

In this video, we get to take a ride alongside Billy, a typical pizza delivery guy.  At his first customer’s house, Billy does not receive a tip, and we are told that he will no longer be able to pay for his car.  At the second house, he does receive a tip, and we are informed that now he can buy milk for his child.


The video is slapstick and obvious, but the point it makes is unfortunately true: Food service workers depend on tips, because their minimum wage is lower than everyone else’s.  Tipping isn’t something you do because your service was “exceptional.” Rather, it’s something you do because that’s the way our food service system is set up. 


Fortunately, when you order Chicago style pizza from Pizz’a Chicago , you’ll be so amazed and pleased with the quality of our deep dish pizza that it will never enter your mind to not give “Billy”—or whichever delivery person shows up at your door—a great tip.  To learn more about the best pizza in the world, visit our website .