Pizza 101: How to Design Your Ideal Pie

Pizza’s relatively simple: Some bread, some sauce, some cheese, maybe some meat, and then bam!  You’ve got lunch, dinner, or even breakfast if you’re not feeling too picky.  But the very simplicity of pizza makes it an incredibly versatile food.  There are literally thousands of possible iterations, which means that when it comes to ordering, you have to ask yourself one simple question: What, exactly, do you want?


The Bread

This can get complicated, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll cut it down to two options:  thin crust or deep dish.  Do you want a crust that’s thin and crispy, or one that’s thick and chewy?  Personally, we’re partial to deep dish, but it’s okay to be wrong.


The Sauce

Red sauce may be an American tradition, but you can go with pesto or even no sauce at all (which is closest to the dish’s Italian beginnings).  For a more South-of-the-border flavor, salsa or picante sauce will do in a pinch.  You can also have the sauce next to the bread or on top of the cheese, which brings us to that next most important ingredient:


The Cheese

The possibilities here are just…well, we don’t have time to list them all.  Mozzarella is, again, an American tradition, but many chefs add a mix of sharp cheeses like Parmesan to the mozzarella and some depart from that mild white cheese entirely.  Feta, cheddar, muenster—they’ve all been used and to good effect.


The Toppings

This is where the truly crazy stuff starts to happen.  Many people—especially little kids, who know what they like and know to stick with it—are sausage, pepperoni, or plain cheese fans, but all sorts of creations and concoctions are possible.  Chicken on a pesto base has gained popularity over the last decade or so. You can also make a “Mexican pizza” by adding pinto or black beans to a pizza made with salsa and cheddar cheese.  Perhaps the most divisive combination, though, is the so-called “Hawaiian Pizza” which pairs ham and pineapple and was possibly invented in Canada but definitely does not hail from Hawaii.


Here at Pizz’a Chicago , we offer all sorts of variations on the traditional Chicago deep dish, but the best part is that if none of our creations tickles your fancy, we’re happy to let you design your own.  With literally dozens of different toppings to choose from, you can make your own perfect pie—and maybe come up with a new combination that will be as well-liked and geographically confused as Hawaiian Pizza.


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