A little Bit About Pizz’a Chicago

We strive to make choices at Pizz’a Chicago that contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and a healthier diet for our guests. For this reason we use unbleached paper products because bleaching paper products hurts the
environment and is completely unnecessary. We also recycle everything the communities we’re in accept. We have begun using biodegradable “plastic utensils” which are actually made from corn starch. Much of our other “take out” containers that look like plastic are actually corn starch as well. We’re adding filtered water to our restaurants in order to cut down on the millions of gallons of petroleum used each year to make plastic water bottles as well as the plastic bottles that end up in landfills. This filtered water will also benefit your body because it’s actually cleaner than most bottled waters sold today. We use sea salt and fresh ground pepper on all our tables and only kosher salt in the kitchen. We are also one of the few pizza places that use fresh parmesan on our tables. We offer lactose-free soy cheese. Our tomato sauce is preservative free and our mozzarella is “Grande” brand from Wisconsin which is the highest quality of cheese. We are striving to eliminate any highly-processed foods from our recipes and are considering using organic produce. We would appreciate
your feedback. Taste the difference and know that our planet is benefiting more when you eat your pizza at Pizz’a Chicago.