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Pizza Through the Ages

Today pizza is a kind of food that is commonly eaten throughout the world. With roots that span back to ancient Egypt, tasty creation has made an important impact on history. Although many cultures ...
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How Pizza Evolved

Pizza has existed in some form for many years and has evolved from a basic flatbread with simple toppings to the food you know and love today. You can benefit from years of pizza innovation and ...
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Where Did Pizza Come From?

What do you get when you combine dough, tomato sauce, cheese, vegetables, and meat? If you answered pizza, you're absolutely right. No matter how you slice it, pizza has been around for centuries ...
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Tracing the Origins of Pizza

Pizza is nothing new to most Americans, but the pizzas we enjoy today are often traced back to flatbreads created in Naples around the 19 th century. However, flatbread creations have been enjoyed ...
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A Look Back at the History of Pizza

Pizza is now one of the most beloved foods on the planet, but it has not always been held in such high esteem. At its core, pizza is a food intended to be served at informal venues, sold on the ...
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