Split a Pizza at Lunch and Score These Business Benefits

Pizza is a meal that is universally loved, which makes a pizzeria a great place to have a casual business lunch. Even if you or your dining partners have dietary restrictions, you can find a pizzeria that offers delicious gluten-free pizza, vegetarian pizza, and vegan pizza. Here are some great benefits to scheduling a business meeting over lunch at a pizza place near San Jose.

You’ll be in a Neutral Environment

Meeting in someone’s office can increase the risk that someone will feel out of his or her element. Holding a business meeting over lunch at a quiet Chicago pizza place will enure that everyone is on equal footing, as you’ll be in a neutral environment. A casual dining experience can put people at ease, making them more relaxed and more amenable to your agenda.

Your Audience Will be More Attentive

A pizza restaurant is not only neutral territory, but it’s also away from the distractions of the office. This means that your audience will be much more attentive to what you’re saying. You already know that you’ll have your guests’ attention for the duration of the meal, so you have a chance to keep your presentation more casual and friendly. This will make it much easier for everyone to stay focused, and it can be a great way to build enthusiasm for your business agenda. You can discuss agenda items in between discu Pizza place near San Josessing homemade pizza recipes and favorite Chicago pizza places.

You Can Form a Bond

Eating lunch, particularly sharing a dish like a Chicago-style pizza, is a social experience. You and your guests will have an opportunity to get to know each other better on a personal level, which will make your business interactions more pleasant and productive. Rather than letting your business agenda control the flow of the meal, you can take some time to talk about your favorite pizza toppings while deciding what kind of pizza you want to share.
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TOP 10 reasons to eat at Pizza Chicago

  1. If you don't, we'll hold our breath until you do.
  2. You've always got a friend here.
  3. We keep hoping his Airness will eat here; you wouldn't want to miss that would you?
  4. We let you talk with your mouth full.
  5. Your mother would want you to.
  6. This might be the closest you ever get to Chicago!
  7. We need the money.
  8. You'll have an alluring, sexy glow after eating our pizzas.
  9. We might even name a pizza after you.
  10. Hey, Glen Campbell ate here, should you?