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Want to learn more about pizza and its delightful, completely contested history?  Check out these links for more information on this most excellent of foodstuffs:


  • Here’s one version of the origin of Chicago style pizza.



  • Look into the murky origins of another famous pizza: the Hawaiian style.



  • And finally, think all this debate over the origins of pizza is contentious?  Well, we’ve got a treat for you, because pizza’s got nothing on fortune cookies.

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TOP 10 reasons to eat at Pizza Chicago

  1. If you don't, we'll hold our breath until you do.
  2. You've always got a friend here.
  3. We keep hoping his Airness will eat here; you wouldn't want to miss that would you?
  4. We let you talk with your mouth full.
  5. Your mother would want you to.
  6. This might be the closest you ever get to Chicago!
  7. We need the money.
  8. You'll have an alluring, sexy glow after eating our pizzas.
  9. We might even name a pizza after you.
  10. Hey, Glen Campbell ate here, should you?